Humming birds / from life & on stone by M.E.D. Brown ; his lith. No. 5 Library St. Phila. via LOC

Humming birds / from life & on stone by M.E.D. Brown ; his lith. No. 5 Library St. Phila. via LOC


by Annette Heist for

Heather Cowan, RN; Tidewell Hospice, Venice, Florida. Photo © Carolyn Jones.

Heather Cowan, RN; Tidewell Hospice, Venice, Florida. Photo © Carolyn Jones.

While the clichéd image of nurses as sexpots in white, pointy caps remains a staple of greeting cards and Halloween costumes, anyone who's been in the hospital in the last 20 years (or watches Nurse Jackie) knows better. Nurses are a diverse group of women and men, and according to photographer Carolyn Jones, they can teach us a lot about humanity. 

For her new book The American Nurse Jones travelled across the country, photographing and talking to nurses, including some who work in hospitals, prisons, hospice care and with veterans. Her goal: To find out who they are and what they know about the things that affect us all.

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A story on the infamous Robert Durst I did as a stringer for the NY Daily News.

DURST WIFE'S KINDRED SPIRIT New pal is girlfriend of inmate


NEW YORK DAILY NEWS Sunday, December 23, 2001, 12:00 AM

Robert Durst's new wife has formed an unusual kinship with a fellow jailhouse visitor whose boyfriend also is behind bars - accused of killing his spouse. New pals Debrah Lee Charatan and Christina Fredericks have commiserated outside the Northampton County Prison in Easton, Pa., about the troubles the men in their lives are facing. Durst, jailed on a charge he killed his neighbor in Galveston, Tex., has long been suspected in the unsolved 1982 disappearance of his first wife, Kathie. Charatan, 44, a Manhattan real estate broker, wed Durst, 58, last December. Durst is the son of the late real estate tycoon Seymour Durst.

Since Durst's arrest in October, Charatan has stood by her man. She helped him post bail in Texas, and after he was recaptured in November, she has visited him regularly in jail. Outside the prison's imposing stone facade, Charatan found a kindred spirit in Fredericks, 35, the girlfriend of accused wife-killer Alton Field. During the past two weeks, Fredericks has tried to shield Charatan from media cameras as the two entered the jail. On Wednesday night, Fredericks spotted Charatan arrive just before visiting hours and warned her that a Daily News photographer was waiting in front. The two signed in for a visit, left the prison together and spent time talking in Charatan's car. Later, they waved goodbye to each other. Charatan declined to comment. When Fredericks was asked about Charatan's spirits, she said, "You'll have to talk to her."

Like Durst, Field claimed his wife suddenly vanished. A jeweler with a history of legal problems, Field reported that his wife, Theresa, walked away from their marriage in May 1999. Authorities bought his account until the landlord of Field's shuttered shop in Hellertown, Pa., found a rotting body wrapped up in a carpet in the basement on Aug. 3. Cops arrested Field the next day. Investigators learned that Field had been dating Fredericks, a married mother of five children, for about three years. Field is awaiting trial. Fredericks is apparently convinced of Field's innocence. But she expressed doubts shortly after he was arrested in the Nazareth, Pa., home they shared together.

"I cannot even think of seeing a man who could be accused of doing something like this," she told The Morning Call of Allentown. "Maybe he has an explanation, but please. This was his store. I ain't stupid.